The healing properties of thermal waters

In Ischia’s hot water springs a remedy for all the seasons.Water jackets or springs in Ischia, of sodium sulphate in nature, are of benefit in many metabolic forms, like obesity, excess uric acid in the articulations. All you need is a certificate made by your family doctor ticket paid is 50 euro, and can treat  one self to a complete cycle of bathing sessions and clay applications.The hydro thermal riches in Ischia is one of the most interesting in the world: there are 69 groups of hot water springs and 29 hydro thermal baths, for a total of 103 emergency fountains. The peculair ity  of these waters lies all in it’s salt, classified as minerals, and it’s in their temperatures reached that divides them in “thermal”, or “hyper thermal”, meaning 40° and  more . every water spring has a type of water particular to its function and benefit. Lets examine the waters rich in salts or sodium chlorates. These waters contain mostly sodium chloride, the basic element for vital activity in living organisms. this group makes  part of  salty waters with alkaline sulphur, present especially in Cassamicciola Terme, the sulphur- alkaline and clay with sodium, that characterise the the springs of Forio. The second type of group is composed of alkaline bi-carbonate, especially present in Barano and Casamicciola Terme.Here  are a number of other groups of which: alcaline bi-carbonate of sulphur, sulphur bi-carbonate,bi-carbonate of sulphur with alkaline clay.Let us proceed in verifying the functions of some of these important elements present in these waters: sodium chloride, potassium, zinc, calcium, these are just a few of the rich elements found in nature capable in curing our small and big health problems .Potassium has an important role in the muscular dynamics whilst potassium and sodium in the organic economy. Zinc the biological element important in organic composition in the synovial membranes and in the tendinous- ligament parts, they are the most important in articulation economy. Calcium is want gives the sense of tiredness (S.Pisani) in the waters in which it is present: other times this element can treat epidermal or cuticle growth and heals from articular pain, whilst being treated in therapeutic clay baths.The effect of this characteristic sodium and clay found in the waters of Ischia is connected to the different indications for therapy: they have positive benefit on obesity and other types of metabolic disorders, in gout, excess of uric acid in the articulations that causes pain during movement. This characteristic is useful also in women’s health in the peritoneum inside the womb, and in ear-nose and throat (ENT), in adenoids, in deafness and osteoarthritis. These waters are found in the Contintental Terme, and the springs of “Tifeo”.The effect of each element can be made weaker or stronger, by the presence of other elements in the solution, as a consequence each waters are unique and have different benefits. Since  we have  a variety of waters one can aim at healing a specific pathology, becoming or creating an adaptability to that particular type of water with the relative therapeutic indications or pathology and reaction of the patient. Practically in Ischia anyone can make use and benefit from a specific type of water that is adaptable to cure  the  relative affected pathology.Thermal cures are indicated in osteo -arthritis, or peri- arthritic forms, circulatory problems, pharingitis, in women’s health and geaneogology and in gastric dispepsia. therapeutic indications for a written sheet for therapy are summarised here:Chronic rheumatoid arthritis ( osteo arthritis, reumatoid arthritis, not in the acute phase, gout, urethric arthropaties) Painful neuro-muscular manifestations (migraines, neuropathies and radiculopaties) even in the frame of slip- discs and secondary irritated nerve roots, brachial plexus pain and cervical pain. Peri- arthritic pain , like scapulo- humerus, with limited function in the articulation of the shoulder. Riahabilitation  in orthopeadics and trauma, functional return of limbs and postures after long period rest, or after orthopeadic surgery. In this sector what should be given are sessions of hydro therapy and physiotherapy, with clay massage and  clay baths locally or generally, in the cures for women’s health, for sterility, or in peri- visceritis.In somatic- pyscho rehabilitation, with technical thermal treatment and the perfect climate changes of the Island.Dispepsie gastroduodenali, bevendo l’acqua delle sorgenti di Nitrodi, Olmitello e del Cappone. Gastro- duodenal dispepsia, is healed simply by drinking the waters of Nitrodi, Cappone and Olmitello. The waters of Nitrodi have an increased function in eliminating excess waters , so treating water retention. which thereby heals gall stones or kindey stones. Nitrodi’s water is also used in the treatment of external parts in dermatology.Circulatory problems  venous and arterious, in the lower  limbs, using techniques like giapponese rings, adding cold then warm water to the feet that  will keep fit the vascular system.Cosmetics and dermatology: Ischia waters are particularly indicated for ultra sound treatment, help in the filling flaw less skin, in making clay face masks, in cellulite treatment and in all external cures particular in hydro massage.As it could be observed there is no pathology that  the water’s of Ischia cannot cure. The above test is only informational, and is not a medical script. We cannot be responsabile for information which is not scientifically proved, and that will vary with passing of years. obviously whichever use of these waters for healing benefits has to be followed by a doctor.

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