Discovering Naples city of history and art

A city with it’s most splendid archipelageo, so close to the sea, and with so many artistic treasures. A population with a rich gastronomic tradition, and making people feel at home is part of there DNA. these are the elements that are in part of the city of Naples for a right amongst the principle turistic localities of italy.
At Naples, even if amongst so many contradictions, the visitor comes across kindness starting from the turist operator till pass byers and strangers. The warmth that they can transmit is incredible.
Visiting Naples, meaning going through all its favorites places that it offers, and it’s history, through all it’s reigns and dominations, each one modelled it’s story in it’s own way. Cilindro Viaggi, with its packages, offers different tours of the historic centre, “Centro Storico”, that is what offers a complete diversability of the city. From the panoramic bus tour of Naples, to the guided tours of the central part of the city, to the visits of the principal cittadel museums, to events and manifestation in the city. There is always something about the city that yet has to be lived and that will bring new emotions to the tourist or visitor.
mmense is the luggage of artistic treasures Naples has to offer to it’ s visitors, apart from the pizza and madarine guitar will discover a new treasure in Naples city of art. it’s museums host unique collections nowhere to be found in the world, like in the National Archeological Museum and at the Capodimonte museum. And excuse us if we will insert the famous cribs of the maestri of San Gregorio Armeno, in these artistic master pieces. Do not miss when visiting Naples at Christmas.
Not to mention that in the last few weeks the porfoglio of Cilindro Viaggi has expanded it’s structures for stays in Naples or in Campania. In this way there is a greater chance to find the hotel more adaptabile for each request. Amongst the ample choice of hotels, the different types of packages offered, one can choose to stay in a hotel in the centre or more in periphery, with spa instead of garage included in hotel, just like other services.
Then again why stop in the city? the main area Campania is the best place to start off, a guided tour of Campania, with the packages offered. Costiera Amalfitana, Capri and Pompei: so many turistic localities for a region that will never stop giving emotions.

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