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Italy is the country of enogastronomy par excellence from the North to the South (“enogastronomia” is an Italian word originated from pairing enology + gastronomy).Every day we find a new place, a great restaurant or a typical wine cellar where you can taste wines. We can prepare packages with hotels, dinners and journeys by train or flight for individuals or bus tours for groups. The region of Campania is one of the most popular destinations of enogastronomic tourism. We are proud of the production of San Marzano tomatoes marked as PDO (protected designation of origin) and of the famous tarallini“Piennolo”, a type of PDO tomato from the area of the Vesuvius, and of the world-famous Gragnano pasta as well. Our white gold is the buffalo mozzarella but the “fior di latte” cheese produced in Campania from the milk of the cow is also delicious. We have five agricultural products marked with the PGI (protected geographical indication): the artichoke of Paestum, the Annurca apples, the Montella chestnuts, the Giffoni hazelnuts and the lemon of the Amalfi Coast. We produce quality wines such as the Taurasi, the Greco di Tufo, the Fiano di Avellino and the Lacryma Christi. With all these excellent resources, our cuisine is exceptional: from the pizza to the seafood, pasta and meat, to finish with the traditional pastries such as the “pastiera” and the “caprese” cake.

Apulia – The region of oil, taralli and fresh pasta (orecchiette, cavatelli, strascinati, troccoli) is very popular among tourists and residents for its food and wine specialties. The cuisine of Puglia is accompanied by fine wines including Primitivo and Soloperto and sweet liqueurs.
Trentino Alto Adige– During the period of Christmas markets, we organize individual and bus tours with the opportunity to visit the beautiful cities of South Tyrol: Bolzano, Vipiteno, Brunico, Bressanone and Merano. During the Christmas times, it is a tradition to eat at the stands of the Christmas markets. You can taste traditional dishes halfway between the Italian, Austrian and German cuisine, such as for example the raclette, the goulash, some excellent sausages and dumplings accompanied by good mulled wine.
Other regions – All the Italian regions have a special cuisine. When we organize sightseeing tours, we always pay careful attention to include typical culinary specialities and let you taste them. We always enrich our tours with typical lunches and tastings.

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