Gastronomy and Recipies in Ischia

The traditional gastronomy and foods found on the Island of Ischia, are most surely parent like to the rest of the coast and archipelago which throughout the years have been very much influenced by the very first population and turists that came then on the Island.
Baccalà with muled wine.
Ingredients: baccalà, garlic, oil, flour, mulled wine and mint. Drain the baccalà in water over night to get rid of all the salt. Cut it up into medium pieces and dry it up with dish cloth, cover it in flour and fry it in a frying pan with just a bit of oil, but make sure it’s boiling hot. once cooked properly get it out of the pan and dry up all the oil again. Get another clean pan, once the oil is hot again add the garlic, a glass of mulled wine and fresh mint. Once the sauce is ready, add the baccalà and let it get tasty.
Curiosity: mulled wine is a concentration of different wines, prepared after the grape harvest, it’s all about boiling the right amount of wine then letting it evaporate until the solution is dense enough.

Ischia Style Rabbit

Ingredients: a rabbit, 300- 400 grams of fresh tomatoes, sage, sweet marjoram, thyme, oil, garlic and salt. Cut up the rabbit into pieces, put it in a pan and fry it in boiling hot oil.this is just the first part of the cooking phase so it’s important that the rabbit is not fully cooked, simply limiting it to just getting “reddish”. Putting in a pottery made pan, if you’ve got one, or in a quite large pan, the oil and letting it get hot. At this point add garlic and then the tomatoes, other herbs and finally the rabbit. Start cooking it on a weak fire.
After around an hour of cooking (depending on meat of the animal, trying to taste a tiny bit)switch off, letting it cool off a bit then serving at table...

Enclosed Pizza with endive
Ingredients:500 grams of flour,a cube of yeast,a pince of salt, 2 boiled endives, pines and sultanas, zest of madarine, flaked nuts and oil.Mix the flour to the pre-melted yeast in warm water and let it grow. Boil the endives and let them cool down. In a pan, pour in the boiling hot oil, the other ingredients, pines, sultanas, zest of mandarine , and the flaked nuts. Fry everything and add the cooled endives.
Divide the grown pizza dough in two parts and prepare two pizza bases. Butter a dish and sprinkle some flour, prepare the first pizza base on which will go the prepared endives which should be quiet dry. Cover all with the second pizza base and put in the preheated oven at 180°for about an hour.

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