Going to Sorgeto and Getting a Mask

For who already knows well the island of Ischia, and are looking for an alternative activity, one can try a less commercial bay or beach.

When opting for a different system, or route. Sorgeto might be the right choice, it can easily be reached by bus till “Panza”, locality found in town of Forio, which distance reaches around 15 kilometers from harbour;(Ischia Porto). Many people remain surprised at the name “Panza”, and ask how was it possible that the islanders gave such a name to this place. Well everything originated from the Famous legend of the wellknown “Tifeo” gigant, whose tummy was so tall that reached the heights of this town. Getting back to the point, Sorgeto is very close to Panza but for who is not so keen on walking and reaching it on foot, one must consider a micro taxi. The road that leads to Sorgeto is inaccessible ,but is really worth getting through because it reaches a most beautiful enclosed beach in between two headlands. One of which is especially known for the opening of some archeological sites. It’s incredible how this “savage like” place, that seems to have been untouchable since, has shown traces of antique civilisation. So in this miraculous way history and culture became one with nature,offering the breathtaking view , the variegated flora and the benefits of the hot springs that reach the sea. Once reached the end of the route, still haven’t arrived because there are 250 steps still to overcome before reaching the water, this impediment needs to be overcome before reaching destination. It seems like nature itself wants to protect this beautiful place, having placements that are difficult to be reached by man: maybe that’s why they seem to be still untouchable sites, uncontaminated and pure, thanks to their auto protected environmental placement. After having furrowed all the 250 steps, one can comfortably sit on the rocks or lie down on a rented sun bed. Then finally if one feels like bathing in the warm/ hot water springing out of the rocks, which is free of charge for whom ever wants to benefit. Let’s try and picture the case in Sorgeto; there are so many different baths reaching different temperatures, Made and shaped exactly from the rocks themselves. Becareful but from the first bath on the shore, whose water reaches boiling point and one can get burnt. The very last bath is the closest to the cold sea and so every now and then the cold waves coming in from the sea reach the hot bath and so cools down the temperature ,it being of great pleasure. Another great experience of Sorgeto is getting a face or body mask (or even just on a particular body part )made of mud. It can be simply made by adding softer stones and sea water all over the body. The mask that’s made in this way is the most natural because it’s made directly from the elements extracted directly from nature there and then, without letting dispertion of most benefiting properties. This type of mask can be of benefit to people suffering from skin allergies or dermatological problems. Even during the colder seasons, most islanders and turists, continue their treatment sessions in the warm waters of Sorgeto. Becoming another beauty spa created from and only nature, which is always there waiting for any client to go, without having to book before! Further away from one of the head lands that encloses the bay of Sorgeto, are other inlets or creeks that reach to other small bays: la “Pelara” and “Scannella” it is said that to reach the “Scannella” there are double the steps needed to arrive to Sorgeto, first in down hill then in up hill, ( Getting back to what was said before, about nature trying to protect itself).

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