Ischia described by George Berkeley

Already dated and catalogued back in the 700’s , the water springs and baths that healed headaches.
George Berkeley ,Irish philosophist and theologist came to Ischia to cure himself back in 1717. Already back then 280 years ago, there was scientific knowledge of the therapeutic benefits the thermal waters give and their relative qualities thanks to the work done by famous Giulio Iasolino that studied the various baths and catalogued them.
In Berkeley’s studies it was found and read : “that in Ischia,11fresh water springs and 35 springs of thermal mineral water can be counted. There’s a bad habit of counting the stoves with water jacket and the baths in odd numbers . The baths in Ischia therefore are not of benefit in leap years. Iasolino confirmed what he himself discovered and observed , there’s Savonarola and others that are of same opinion. It’s made a habit to fast before bathing and doing water jackets, remaining Half an hour in the bath, then sweat for half an hour in bed. the baths do bring a headache to those that do not usually suffer and make you very thirsty.
During bathing be care full to colder days, make use of nutrient food and highly digestible, do not go to sleep at day time and add water to wine, make sure you go to the toilet before the bath, and be of good humour. In some spring falls it’s important to wash well any scars or wounds.....Fornello baths: good for recurrent temperatures, pathologies related to the spleen; good also for those deep and larger ulcers, water retention , headaches, breaks down gall and kindey stones, opens the urethra, and helps in gout, gets rid of nausea. Bathing in the fountain heals wounds, get’s rid of excess iron, good for kidneys and lungs, heals psoriasis, turns hair blond and repairs damaged hair, improves hair growth, restores weak people, get’s rid of fragments of extra bone...
The philosophist continues his research around the Island of Ischia in the known baths and gathers numerous information not always corrisponding to the actual reality, but realising that in those times they were probably more avantgaurd from todays scientific details: it is said that Iasolino’s tests are still of great importance. “the Island of Inarime (today just known as Ischia) situated just 6 miles away from the city of Naples. Air and climate is healthy: the core is extremely fertile.
Apples, pears, prunes, cherries not worth mentioning all, apart from peaches, almonds, pomegranates, figs, and many other fruit trees cover any part of the Island fruit is exposed all over at hand over any wall, this makes of the Island a place, very similar to a fruit garden, if one finds in an enclosed space a forest of chest nuts.... nothing could be more romantic than nature itself: mountains ,hills, clifs and small planes are mixed together in a beautiful savage like variety”. These are the memories that George Berkeley had of Ischia, visited back then in 1717; still today ( although most of the fruit garden has been replaced by construction) the Island puts everyone in a spell rather often just like Berkeley.
The six miles are equivalent to 35 kilometers distance from Naples, for which only 40 minutes of hydrofoil boat or 90 minutes of ferry.
Strangely even though so close to Naples, a lot still never came to Ischia, or arrived by chance only once. This is a big pity, because the Island hides a lot of surprises: in fact the most interesting areas are the ones not so advertised, and the tourist that comes only for one day will never have the possibility to know these places, since the easiest places will be visited for first. The tourist arrives at the harbour reaches the closest bay gets a tan and rushes back to the harbour to get back on the ferry.
Well this tourist will definately miss the best parts of the Island, miss out on routes in the mountain, in the hidden beaches, and the cultural architectural treasures.
So if the aim is to relax, Ischia can offer better even just for a day, just get to know some of possible available programs.

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