Island of Capri

Island of Capri

In front of the Sorrento Peninsula, just five kilometers from Punta Campanella, lies the island of Capri, one of the most charming places in the province of Naples and the whole of Italy.
The island is divided into the two separate towns of Capri and Anacapri and is characterized by the two harbour villages of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. The island is mainly mountainous and has two major mountains: Mount Tiberio on the east side, and Mount Solaro on the west side. The coastal landscape is steep and rugged, interspersed with as many as 65 fascinating caves, among which is the well-known Blue Grotto. The coast is also flanked by beautiful rocks, among which are the famous Faraglioni, which have become a symbol of Capri.
Evidence from the finds of flint, weapons and fauna fossils suggests that the island has been inhabited since the Stone Age. According to historical records, the island was first conquered by Teleboi of Acarniana and then from 326 BC it was returned to its status as a dominion of Naples, and together they were Romanized. It was a favorite place of the emperors Augustus and Tiberius, who spent the last 10 years of life enriching the island with incredible villas: 12 according to tradition, one for each deity, the grandest of them, called Jovis, which became the primary residence. When the Roman Empire fell, the island was passed onto the Byzantines, then to the abbey of Montecassino in 530 and later to Amalfi in 866, from then follows the fate of Naples. Frequented by intellectuals and artists already from 800, Capri is a renowned destination of choice for national and international tourism. The exceptional abundance of natural beauty, irrepressible charm of the landscape and scenery, combined with the modernity and efficiency of facilities and bathing, are the secret of its fame and celebrity.
Things to See :
La Piazzetta
Via Krupp and the Gardens of Augusto
Tragara, Pizzolungo and Arco Naturale
Monte Solaro, Cetrella and Castle of Barbarossa
La Migliera
Punta Carena
I Fortini
Villa San Michele - Anacapri
La Certosa - Capri
Villa Jovis - Capri
Villa Damecuta - Anacapri
La Casa Rossa - Anacapri


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