Nemo and the culture of the sea in Ischia

“And to the ancient question asked by Ecclesiastes: ‘That which is far off and exceeding deep, who can find it out?’ two men have the right to give an answer, Captain Nemo and I.”
Jules Verne, “20.000 Leagues Under The Sea“
The association Nemo for years now has been really active in the promotion of the “jewels” of the island of Ischia: the sea and the nature in general.
“Nemo is the mythic Captain of “a shipping without time” – as the founders write on their website – and “conducts the Nautilus in a real travel beyond the boundary of his and our existence, crosses the mirror, penetrates beyond the reflected image to open the navigation through the sea of the secrets, as charming as terrifying, as intriguing as dangerous…”. “Nemo is the mariner who lives in everyone of us”. Here it is the self-presentation of the association.
The associates organize and promote several kinds of manifestations and events, from the cleaning of the beaches or of the sea floors to the walking in the mountains, from the courses of snorkelling to the school camp of marine biology. Certainly, the main purpose is the promotion of the sea culture.
Actually, every day Nemo proposes to the tourists and to the residents courses and lessons of snorkelling for adults and children, courses of kayak, guided tours of the island with or without immersions in collaboration with special partners and experts.
To our tourists we suggest this experience that makes unique the stay on the island. Many people have appreciated the exclusivity of the work and the activity of Nemo: also the Rai (Italian State Television) recently has dedicated a report during the broadcast Sereno Variabile and has pointed the spotlight on Nemo, interviewing the president of the association Bruno Iacono and the biologist Gianluca Iacono. They have talked about the experiences of hundred of children and adults have lived in Ischia with the association.
But exactly what can a tourist do with Nemo? Let’s start with the lessons and courses of snorkelling: both adults and children can attend a lesson. It is essential to be able to swim, but if someone has some problems, Nemo offer also a course for the first approach to the water. The children and the adults – in different locations of the island, but above all in Sant’Angelo – wear the diving gear, the mask and the fins supplied by the association (effectively the excursion includes the supplying of the complete equipment with mask, mouthpiece, fins, light diving gear and security jacket) and start to discover the wonderful sea floors of the islands, rich of flora and fauna, colourful and charming as can attest the people that have already attended these lessons.
With Nemo is possible to discover the wide prairie of the oceanic Posidonia! The association Nemo is actually authorized to make excursions inside the Preserved Marine Area “Reign of Neptune”.

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