Palinuro Italy

Among the places in the Campania, without a doubt Palinuro stands alone as a splendid tourist destination because of its clear blue seas.
Palinuro owes its name to Mytholology and a flower. Palinuro was the name of the helmsman of Trojan Aeneas who fell into the sea during sleep and died in these waters; whereas Primula Palinuri is the name of a particular flower that can only be enjoyed in this area.
Palinuro is now a popular tourist resort, which combines sea, beaches and the green Cilento National Park that surrounds the area. The resort is famous for its caves and the celebrated Natural Arch, along with its sea and the caves along the coast which lend themselves to incredible scuba diving.
Don’t miss the chance to visit these caves, especially the Blue Grotto (which owes it name to the predominant colour of its interior),the Silver Cave, the Cave of Blood and the Cave of Monks.The cave of blood owes it colouration to some red algae; the cave of monks is so named due to the presence of rocks in a religious formation. Many of the unique details found in the rocks of these coves lead to understanding the importance of many of the ancient artefacts that have been collected in the "Antiquarium", the city museum of Centola, which contains many relics unearthed from the underground of Palinuro.

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