Procida The Island of Arthur

The Island of Procida is located in the northern part of the Gulf of Naples, halfway between the promontory of Cape Miseno and the Island of Ischia. It is of volcanic origin and has a relatively uniform terrain with a single modest height, Terra Murata, at 91 metres. The coast is very irregular; high and steep in some places, then wide and sandy in others.
The island is covered with a rich vegetation and offers a landscape of extreme beauty and charm. Procida is characterized by the bright contrasting colours of its deep green orchards and vineyards, the cerulean blue of the sea and then the pastel yellows and pinks of the fishermen’s houses. It has become a popular source of inspiration for both artists and intellectuals. It was in fact Procida that set the mood for Elsa Morante’s masterpiece novel The Island of Arthur. Procida is an ideal destination for nature lovers and for those curious about the ancient traditions of this remarkable post. Traditional events such as the Good Friday Procession of Mysteries and the Festival of the Sea are still very much alive.
The island, from a demographic perspective, consists of the single municipality of Procida, with around 11.000 inhabitants and is amongst the most densely populated areas in Europe.
Sights to See
· Island of Vivara (Closed to the Public)
· Panoramas
· Solchiaro
· Cottimo
· Marina Grande · Marina Corricella
· Marina Chiaiolella
· Abbey of the Archangel San Michele
· Abbey Museum Complex
· Old Town of Terra Murata.
· Belvedere of Via Borgo
· Piazza delle Armi
. Palazzo d'Avalos (outside only)
. Strada del Mulino
. Church St. Maria delle Grazie
. Church of San Rocco (Open mornings only)
. Gradinata Scura-The Dark Stairs
. Belvedere of Callìa

Sights from the Sea:
· Bay of Chiaia
· La Corricella view from sea
. La Terra Murata view from sea
. La Grotta of the Madonna
. Bay of Carbonchio
. Bay of Pozzo Vecchio
. Bay of Silurenza

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