Smiles and corrianders the Carnival of Putingnano

Italy’s carnival is one of the most felt manifestations of the winter period
From the different localities that offer many events for this festivity, there’s Putignano in Puglia, that hosts the longest carnival in the world.
Last carnival, Cilindro Viaggi, spent the carnival in Puglia with a grouped bus tour, went through Putignano, Alberbello and Fasano. The group left on the 5th of March, with destination Alberobello. In fact here the participants lodged in a typical caravan. At Alberbello it was possible to taste typical products in food and wine, like local oils and wines, before reaching the Zoo safari of Fasano , which is one of the largest parks in Meridional Italy extending to 140 acres, distributed in areas for zoo and fun parks. Many are the different species of animals and attractions that took our time away before going back to Alberbello.
The second day was dedicated to Putignano and its celebrations of the 617 th edition of carnival in Putingnano. Beautiful was the catwalk of carts, that with some irony stigmatised the italian scenery of today. Alot where the carts that symbolised fairytales and favorite cartoon characters for kids, then again a cart that symbolised the 150 years of unity of italy. Alot where the scenes and manifestations of masks related to important places of the region that kept everyone interacted with live music and plays . from all these do not miss out the group that danced imitating Michael Jackson just like some sort of flash movements. In the mist of Vampires , rabbits and numerous dalmations,( we did not count them but we like to believe they where 101) we got back to Alberobello for dinner there again was dress code for carnival,for an evening full of fun. The day after was another half day dedicated to Carnival with it’ s festivities and plays all around Putignano. For then getting back on the bus to take in our suitcase lots of smiles, corrianders and lots of fun, not forgeting the “Mask”.


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